The result of the referendum on December 1, 2016 was a 95.8% “YES” vote in favour of the Brixworth Neighbourhood Development Plan. Turnout was 33.5%. As a result, Daventry District Council will take this Plan into account when deciding planning applications in the Brixworth Neighbourhood Area. (i.e. the Brixworth Parish) See link Brixworth Neighbourhood Plan MADE December 1, 2016) shown under “latest news” on right of this page.


During December 2015 the Submission version of the Brixworth Neighbourhood Development Plan was submitted to Daventry District Council (DDC) for scrutiny. In early January 2016, it was then placed on the District Council’s website and DDC contacted the respondents from the July 13, 2015 Public Consultation of the Pre Submission Plan seeking their comments.  That DDC consultation is now closed and an Examiner was appointed in April 2016 to consider the Plan.

The Submission Plan and its associated documents, together with the responses and representations to the Submission Plan,  submitted to DDC are shown on the DDC website. (Now also showing the REFERENDUM  copy – as described below)

The Examiner reviewed the Plan and considered  the representations made during June and July 2016. The Examiner sought additional information and answers to certain queries from Daventry District Council and the Brixworth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Those queries and responses, together with the Examiner’s Recommendations and Report are also shown on the DDC website above.

The Steering Group  worked closely with DDC to apply the Examiner’s recommendations and a revised Plan was presented to the relevant DDC committees during  September and October 2016. The subsequent Referendum Copy September 2016 was approved by the various committees and a REFERENDUM with the Brixworth Neighbourhood Area held on December 1, 2016. All registered Brixworth residents by the usual ballot process were asked the question :

Do to you want Daventry District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Brixworth to help it decide on planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area?

The Referendum Copy can be viewed on the DDC site access as indicated above.

From those registered  residents who vote, a simple majority of residents voting in favour “made” the Brixworth Neighbourhood Plan and DDC will use it for planning purposes within the Brixworth parish.