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  1. Bob Chattaway

    We must do something to prevent ad hoc applications dictating where new buildings go and on what scale.
    The Neighbourhood Plan is an ideal way to ensure future development is only undertaken on suitable sites
    and will not overburden the infrastructure.

    1. Steering Group Post author

      The Neighbourhood Plan process should mean that the Community can decide how much development is appropriate in line with its impact and where it should go. Protecting the surrounding landscape is also very important. Brixworth is surrounded by high grade agricultural land and the views across the lansdcape are important to residents

  2. david parnaby

    Brixworth is under threat from unplanned development which could ultimately fragment its community. The creation of a Neighbourhood Plan is the only way in which the future development of the village can be managed to ensure that it retains its identity and that the unique character of its surrounding landscape is protected.

  3. Matt Cox

    Isn’t it about time we were in charge of our own community? Hopefully this neighbourhood plan will achieve this. All credit to whom it deserves.
    We need to preserve our beautiful surroundings and slow this madness of large scale development. Not just for us but for our children and children’s children. Not to mention it’s natural inhabitants.


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